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Quartz Hill Vineyard is nestled in the Victorian Pyrenees wine region near Avoca.  A southern extension of the Great Dividing Range, the explorer Thomas Mitchell was the first European recorded to have travelled through our region, the gentle ranges reminding him of the Pyrenees mountain range which divides France and Spain.  He found our region more temperate in climate and better watered than other areas he had surveyed.  He described the Pyrenees region as "AustraliaFelix" (latin for "Fortunate Australia" or "Happy Australia"). 

We are indeed fortunate to grow grapes and make quality wines from this region.  Quartz Hill was first planted in 1995. The grapevines respond beautifully to the soils and climates here.  Our harsh cold winters and long dry summers ensure optiumum quality. Once in the winery, the intention is to let the natural terroir shine through.  This is why we utilise such traditional winemaking techniques. Our aim is that each bottle of Quartz Hill wine be a quality expression of the place where it is grown.